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How we work...

We believe it pays to plan ahead. In a rapidly changing world ongoing face to face advice is essential in achieving financial success.

Clients who choose to work with us generally do so on the basis that we manage all or part of their financial planning within a tailored strategic financial plan.

Additionally we are retained by some clients to work either on a consultancy basis for specific projects e.g.; a retirement targeting exercise or pension check, or to provide other stand alone services such as a portfolio analysis or divorce advice and estate planning.

In the majority of cases our initial role will be to undertake a detailed audit of the clients’ financial position and then create a financial strategy that is focused on achieving the individuals financial objectives. This process is designed to provide a structured approach and create a dynamic plan that encompasses all the relevant areas such as retirement planning; tax effectiveness; investment management and estate planning. Most prospective clients come to us with a somewhat disjointed array of products, investments and savings and our role is to help them align their current and future assets to meet their aspirations.

This initial phase can be quite time consuming as it is important to get a complete picture but generally only involves just a small investment in clients time as well as collecting all the relevant information we will spend a considerable time in helping establish financial objectives. Every client objectives are unique to them so no one plan is likely to be suitable to everyone so this tailoring process is an extremely important part of our service as often we will find clients need help in defining their objectives.

Many clients have a good idea of what they would like to achieve in general terms but many need professional guidance in putting together a disciplined and cohesive plan designed to achieve their goals. Financial planning can be very time consuming and very often the conflicting pressures of a job or running a business together with family responsibilities can prevent the necessary focus being applied. A financial plan should ideally be adaptable, flexible and usually reviewed annually.

The benefits of a financial plan are:

  • Ongoing advice is in context and clearly understood
  • A greater chance of long term financial goals are achieved
  • It is measurable and easily monitored
  • Provides confidence for the future