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Your Finances and Increasing Energy Bills

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 26th of May 2023


3 useful ways to manage your finances and boost your financial wellbeing

The cost of living crisis has dominated the headlines since inflation began to creep up from historic lows in mid-2021. While the Covid pandemic began the inflationary increase, the situation was made worse by the war in Ukraine, which pushed up energy and food prices even further. Following such an extended period of price rises, you may be concerned about your household finances and long-term plans. If you want to understand how you can tweak your expenses...

SPRING BUDGET : 15 March 2023

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 15th of March 2023

Budget pictureSpring Budget winners and losers

The Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, has delivered the next part of his plan: “a Budget for long term and sustainable growth”. Read on to find out who were the winners and losers from the 2023 spring Budget.


Over-50s returning to work
In his speech, the Chancellor said that “older people are the most skilled and experienced people we have”. So, he announced steps to make it easier for those over 50 to work for longer.

Firstly, the government announced an enhancement to the “midlife MOT” strategy – of...

Key Dates for your Finances 2023

Posted by siteadmin on Monday 9th of January 2023

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As we say goodbye to 2022 and welcome 2023, now’s the perfect time to make sure you’re fully prepared for the financial year ahead. To make it easy, we’ve summarised the key financial dates to put in your diaries:


  • 31st – Self-Assessment Tax Deadline – You need to pay and submit your self-assessment tax return for the tax year ending 5th April 2022.


  • Potential Spring Statement
  • 31st – End of the Help to Buy Scheme – Buyers who applied for the loan have until this date to complete the purchase of the property.

Five practical reasons you should create a financial plan with your partner

Posted by siteadmin on Friday 18th of November 2022

Money and financial goals are still sometimes viewed as taboo subjects, even within relationships. If you’ve been putting off conversations about finances, creating a plan together could have many benefits.

Actively talking about money can be positive for both you and your loved ones, and research suggests it’s something younger generations are more likely to do. According to Royal London, 76% of 18 to 24-year-olds spoke to their parents about money matters when they were growing up. In contrast, this falls to 43% for those over 65.

If mon...

Cost of Living Crisis Why you should review your budget and plans

Posted by siteadmin on Thursday 17th of November 2022

Cost of living crisis: Why you should review your budget and plans

The cost of living is rising. Reviewing your finances now is crucial for understanding what effect inflation could have on your lifestyle and long-term plans.

Inflation was at an almost 40-year high. In the 12 months to August 2022, it was 9.9%.

There are several factors contributing to rising inflation, including the conflict in Ukraine, which has disrupted energy and food supplies.

Rising inflation means now is the ideal time to review your budget
Keeping track of ...

Key Dates for your Finances 2022

Posted by siteadmin on Wednesday 18th of May 2022


Now’s a good time to make sure your fully prepared for the financial year ahead. To make it easy we’ve summarised the key dates and facts and figures below.

1 April

National Living Wage (for age 23+) rises from £8.91 to £9.50

National Minimum Wage rises to £9.18 (for 21-22-year olds), £6.83 (for 18-20-year olds), £4.81 (for 16-17-year olds) and £4.81 (for apprentices under 19 or in the first year of their apprenticeship).

Council tax bills rise by up to 2.99% (including a 1% social care precept) although there may be some region...

What is capital gains tax?

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Myths about retirement

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 1st of February 2022

10 ways to reduce your tax bill

Posted by siteadmin on Tuesday 1st of February 2022

Autumn 2021 Budget Highlights

Posted by siteadmin on Thursday 28th of October 2021



In Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s second financial statement this year, there were few surprises as he looks to fix the economy following the pandemic.

With inflation climbing and interest rate rises on the horizon, Britain is at a critical period in terms of its economic future. Multiple lockdowns caused the UK economy to slump by 10% while the government spent more than £100 billion supporting jobs.

Now the economy is recovering the chancellor is under increasing pressure to balance the books and claw back money spent on fighting t...

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