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About Us...

With the ability to tailor our services to meet your individual requirements, we aim to share ideas, create trust and give you tools to do things right.  Whatever your enquiry, any financial decisions that you make may have significant and life-changing consequences.

Fox Payne Associates Limited, is part of Openwork Limited and are able to offer a wide range of products from carefully chosen companies, offering expertise in their field.

Fox Payne Associates was formed by Matt Payne, who, over several years, has built up a team of experienced like-minded professionals to best serve his clients, by doing so we are able to pool together a wealth of experience.    

Over time, financial planning has become more and more complex and our client’s requirements have become much more diverse. So, some of the individual advisers within Fox Payne Associates have chosen to specialise in different areas which include retirement planning, investments, business protection, trusts*, inheritance tax planning, retirement options, mortgages and commercial lending*.

Here at Fox Payne Associates we like to keep things simple by concentrating on what you need and only work with carefully selected companies who are able to deliver adaptable, competitive products and a high-quality service. This allows us to concentrate on the main issue – what you want and need and the most suitable strategy to achieve your financial goals.

Our financial planning consultants will listen to you; understand your unique position, based not only on what you have and what you earn, but also how you feel.

If you want to deal with people who deliver straight forward, clear recommendations, and would like to take advantage of a no obligation financial review call: 01189 18 7570 to arrange an appointment.

*Commercial Finance and Trusts are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.