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Become a Client...

Treating Customers Fairly...

Our objective is to meet the unique needs of each client by offering an efficient and professional service, kept up-to-date by ongoing review

These outcomes we are trying to achieve at all times. Which means that...

  1. The fair treatment of clients is central to our culture   
  2. We consider clients in all our decisions, including recruitment, remuneration, staff management, development, record keeping and monitoring 
  3. We have a target marketing strategy that takes account of client requirements 
  4. We provide our clients with clear information, and keep them informed before, during and after any sale    
  5. We ensure our promotions are clear and not misleading, explain our status clearly, write clear and succinct Suitability Reports and follow up our sales to check clients understand the product or service they have purchased 
  6. We give our clients advice that is suitable and takes account of their circumstances    
  7. We ensure all advice is in line with the Openwork Guide to Sales Aid, takes account of each client’s attitude to risk and personal goals and circumstances.  We train our Advisers to ensure they are competent and their knowledge is up-to-date 
  8. We only use the products and services recommended by Openwork. We service our clients, by agreement, according to their needs and our ability to provide service 
  9. We facilitate clients in their after-sales needs, including claims, complaints and requests for change


"Excellent service, understood financial position and requirements, advised us on alternative platforms and products, full and extensive review of existing products, brought in specific specialist to assist where necessary."
J Shields


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